• Black Swan

    ‘Black Swan Scalp Spray’ is a 100% natural fermentation liquid to help promote hair loss.

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Black Swan Scalp Spray

‘Black Swan Scalp Spray’ is a 100% natural fermentation liquid to help promote hair loss. The main ingredient, Eoseongcho (Houttuynia cordata) is a medicinal herb of vitality, which even grows in the wasteland contaminated by radioactivity in Hiroshima, Japan. Perillae herb contains natural antibacterial activity necessary for the survival of organisms. Green tea leaf contains polyphenols, such as catechins preventing the aging process. These three represent the best results when blended with optimum ratios that when not compounded.’Black Swan Scalp Spray’ is a folk remedy that contains phytochemical and minerals, strong antioxidants, to help the hair and skin health. ‘Eoseongcho Scalp Spray’ is a folk remedy (non medical therapy or chemotherapy) that is a result of Dr. BangGiHo’s research for the past 20 years to overcome hair loss.

  • Natural fermentation liquid

    Follow the same process of production as it is shown in the TV program ‘The Lord of the Thumb’.
    Natural fermentation liquid of Eoseongcho, Perillae herb, and Green tea leaf with distilled liquor.

  • Use raw roots of Eoseongcho

    Use raw roots of Eoseongcho that contains five times as many minerals.
    Raw Eoseongcho is better than dried one, especially its raw roots are five times more minerals to exert better efficacy.

  • Reliable manufacturing processes

    We use strictly selected Korean organic herbs to make products with hands not by machinery.


100 percent Natural Hand-made Liquid.


Reliable manufacturing processes.


No Synthetic ingredients.


Phytochemical and Minerals

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